Technical skills KF 1614


  • Diverse manufacturing technologies such as drilling, milling, counter sinking, thread-cutting, countersinking, thread-cutting, contourmarking, oxyfuel and plasma cutting bundled on a single machine
  • Powerful drives for optimum performance and low production times
  • Higher spindle speeds ideal for milling
  • Downholder roll for optimum plate contact pressure during milling
  • 14-place tool changer for faster setup times
  • Less space needed for measuring carriage
  • Measuring carriage at the side runs through the machine to optimise plate fixation throughout the entire machining process
  • Increased traversing speed of axes
  • Two processing units for parallel machining and higher efficiency
  • Durable construction provides the basis for a long-term investment
  • Common cut for less waste
  • Fully automatic handling of small parts
  • Rotating swarf brush for automatic clearing of chips in front of cutting processes
  • Heavy duty machine capable for incorporating one drilling/flame-cutting unit
  • Use of HSS, carbide and solid carbide drills
  • Flexible contour marking system
  • Grid- or common cut to minimize scrap
  • Autogenous and plasma cutting methods