For over twenty years we have been selling our products and offering technical assistance and consultancy services throughout the country. Our proven experience in the production of saw blades for industrial use, in addition to having made us develop high-level know how, has allowed us to invest in terms of technological innovation and skills consolidating and improving our business, to ensure to our customers the maximum performance from our products. Our professionalism and our passion has also been rewarded abroad where we have realized and we continue to carry out numerous projects. 


Services Lame has always seen the strength of its products as a strong point, so it is proud to present the high standard of its line. We have integrated our professionalism with the most innovative technologies to create robust and versatile products suitable for large production, which can satisfy our customers in the processing of materials. In fact, in all the machineries of our production, these identification elements can be traced. We produce vertical band saws for cutting any type of material. But not only that, because we also create customized automatic systems according to the logistical and practical needs of our customers, which allow the integration of the machines with other structures such as roller conveyors or automatic loaders, so as to speed up the entire production cycle and optimize performance.


Servizi Lame’s partner are leader in the sawing production like KALTENBACH, which produces bandsawing machines, circular sawing machines, copyng robots, marking systems, painting systems, plate cutting and drilling center, drilling, punching and shotblast machines. Kaltenbach is a german leader company and have many branches in Europe as France, Netherlands where produced welding robots or punching systems.

We are distributors of LENOX and WIKUS products, leading companies in the production of band saw blades, cutting discs and fluids, always at the top of quality.

Articles RSA, a German company specializing in the construction of sawing and deburring machines for pipe processing; suitable for single and multiple cutting, and for each type of material.

Upmoviom, a Spanish company that builds industrial storage systems that optimize the capacity of your warehouse to 100%.

We have chosen as our partners the best companies on the market to guarantee the quality of our products together with that of our services.


We offer repair services and immediate technical assistance for KALTENBACH GMBH saws throughout Italy but also outside national borders. Our specialized technicians will be at your disposal as soon as possible. For any information about our products or our jobs, do not hesitate to contact the assistance service at info@servizilame.com



The technologically advanced Lame Services laboratory is formed by our professionals specialized in all types of operations. This allows us to better assist and find customized solutions, always at the top for our customers. Also in our warehouse you can find numerous items ready for delivery as bimetal blades, carbide blades, circular blades in HSS, TCT and HM for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials. We also sell used and guaranteed sawing machines.