Technical skills KDH 1030/1060


  • Capacity range (w x h): 1000 x 500 mm
  • Robust, low-vibration design prolongs machine and tool life
  • Efficient drilling, contour-marking, centre-marking, counter-sinking and thread-cutting on all three drill axes simultaneously
  • Powerful clamping system reliably holds material and reduces vibrations to prolong band life
  • Intelligent material measurement integrated into clamping system for greater process reliability
  • Rapid/working feed concept for shorter idle times
  • Servomotor and ball screw for high-precision drill axis positioning and feed control
  • A saw can be incorporated to create a saw-drill combination
  • Self-travelling axes and machine gantry increase productivity by 30 to 100 %
  • Drill patterns can be processed quickly and in parallel with the cutting process
  • Robust, low-vibration design for high-performance milling
  • Measuring carriage designed to increase parallel production and at the same time reduce spatial footprint
  • Huge variety of tools can be deployed, with up to 20 tool stations per machining axis
  • Electromechanical clamping and hydraulic-free machine significantly increase energy efficiency
  • Drill patterns can be processed fast and parallel to the cutting process
  • New operating panel, ergonomical and functional optimized
  • Three perfect 3 axis milling machines with fast rotating motor spindle, which enable HSC processing in steel construction for the first time
  • Optimised material flow due to improved measuring carriage