Skills KBS 400 DG NA


  • Capacity Range (w x h): 400 × 350 mm
  • Robust, low-vibration twin-column construction for perfect cutting results
  • Exellent band life and the best cutting quality due to an inclined saw band
  • High cutting performance due to a powerful drive motor
  • Precise NC-controlled cutting-angle setting
  • Powerful clamping system reliably holds material and reduces
  • Intelligent material measurement integrated into clamping system for greater process reliability
  • Swarf brush to improve cutting performance and reduce impurities in the machine
  • Rapid/working feed concept for shorter idle times
  • Cut monitoring system incl. cutting pressure and slippage control for optimum cutting quality
  • Laser-assisted cutting edge visualisation for manual cuts
  • Low investment volume for best cutting results for small to medium profiles
  • Vertical saw in robust twin-column construction
  • Material supply gripper for fully-automatic processing of single bars, layers and bundles