Technical skills RASACUT MX S

Brand: RSA 

If you need very high output, then select our triple-cut saw RASACUT MXS. The sawing centre is designed for a tube diameter of 8mm to 20mm in triplecut and 6mm to 45mm in single-cut. These dimensions are often found in the automotive industry with special requirements on precision, surface quality and purity. Areas of application include fuel and brake lines or visible components in the interior such as head rest supports.  

Both the infeed of work pieces as well as transfer to subsequent processes are done using NC-axes that operate with a speed of up to 5m/s.  Safe handling of work pieces before, during and after the cutting process guarantees tight tolerances and gentle handling of surfaces so that subsequent chrome plating goes smoothly.  Important for automotive suppliers: The work pieces are individually processed and measured after cutting.  This guarantees real 100%-control, conforming with the guidelines and standards of the OEMs.