Technical skills RASACUT MC

Brand: RSA 

  • Is the performance of our universal single-cut saws inadequate for your needs? You need even greater output? Then our RASACUT MC is exactly the right saw for you!
  • The RASACUT MC is optimally suited for a variety of applications in the automotive, steel trade, furniture and scaffolding industries.  Thanks to high output, costs per piece are drastically reduced.  Added to this are very high cut quality, rapid change-over for short auxiliary process times as well as linear sawing geometry for the shortest cutting stroke.
  • Thanks to its unbelievably robust construction, the RASACUT MC can be used in a steel works as well as in CNC-sawing and is suitable for three-shift operation.
  • Operator instructions are provided primarily through pictograms and available in nearly all national languages.  Control thus demands no CNC-skills from the operator to set the parameters